Jolt Consulting Group is sponsoring Field Service USA 2016. The event, hosted by WBR, will focus on the digitization of service. Leading up to the event, WBR will be posting relevant blog posts. Here at Jolt, we will also be posting blogs and white papers centered on this year’s theme. Check out a great post from WBR about how technology is evolving the technician’s role in service.

Summary: As technology continues to evolve, the prospect of smarter machines is creating a paradigm of preventative, even predictive maintenance, making it so that something no longer has to break before a technician is deployed to fix it. Innovations such at the emergence of the internet-of-things, self-servicing machines, and stronger remote diagnostic and support tools in the hand of technicians will continue to sculpt their role. While there can be a wide variance in terms of responsibilities for the technician depending on their industries, some trends enabled by emerging technology are bound to become near ubiquitous going into the future.

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