This is the second in our series of reviews of Salesforce Field Service Lightning and Service Cloud vs ServiceMax, the two leading service management software solutions built 100% natively on the platform.

We are comparing Salesforce and ServiceMax products in major functional areas.  ServiceMax has strong install base management and Preventative Maintenance while Salesforce has basic configuration out of the box with users having to create functionality using tools and custom code for complex processes.

[Our first review in this series compared Salesforce vs. ServiceMax call center management features. Stay tuned for our next review on Salesforce and ServiceMax functionality for Dispatch Management. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates on all our field service and asset/install base management tips and expertise.]

Comparison of Asset/Install Base Management and Preventative Maintenance: Salesforce vs. ServiceMax

Let’s begin by looking at the way Salesforce and ServiceMax handle Install Base/Asset Management and Preventative Maintenance along a number of different dimensions:

1.     Preventative Maintenance Templates: Preventative maintenance (PM) is becoming a significant percentage of service events for leading service companies. With these preventative maintenance contracts, it is more efficient to establish an outline or template of the specific PM plans and processes.

a.     Salesforce does not out of the box capabilities for PM plan templates. However, utilizing the standard Salesforce administration and development tools, users can develop their own PM Plan Template module and apply those templates to PM Plans that are created.

b.     ServiceMax allows users to create and store PM Plan Templates that when creating a new PM plan, users can select a preexisting template and it will automatically populate all the details automatically.

2.     Preventative Maintenance Processes: Preventative maintenance work orders are typically covered under service contracts with the customer and product warranties defined and for what periods of time. In most modern service management software systems, preventative maintenance tasks are automatically created so users do not have to continuously check reports to generate these cases/work orders manually.

a.     Field Service Lightning does not currently have a PM Process module. Supporting PMs within FSL requires significant configuration and deep knowledge of how PM’s work within a service environment.

b.     ServiceMax offers a variety of tools to help you capture the information to actively maintain an installed product at a customer site. One of those is its Preventative Maintenance (“PM”) module. Within the module, users can set up product definitions, PM schedules, and tasks inside of a capability known as “PM Templates”. PM Templates can be leveraged across multiple assets and/or customers when setting up PM plans up for a customer. The asset or customer specific PM plan can then be adjusted for the specific needs of a customer with the PM work orders automatically generated as per the PM Plan. ServiceMax does a good job of supporting simple and complex PM requirements and provides a comprehensive tool set for managing PM needs.  While setting up PM processes may seem overwhelming at first, users typically become comfortable creating PM Templates and PM Processes.

3.     Task Templates: Task templates allow you to define the specific steps a technician needs to complete when performing a PM and are often based on the type of PM (e.g. major vs. minor PM) and/or the equipment being serviced.

a.     Field Service Lightning does not have an out of the box configuration for task templates. Users would be able to create and configure them using standard administration and development tools.

b.     ServiceMax task templates are available to be configured for ServiceMax and out of the box tools allow users to setup specific work sequences, to view those sequences in an easy to follow interface and allows users to easily capture PM specific data within the task templates.

The following chart gives an overview of the asset/install base management capabilities of ServiceMax and Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning, showing whether different components are standard out of the box or require configuration or development work.

Asset/Install Base Management and Preventative Maintenance Components for Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning vs. ServiceMax

Standard:  Standard out of the box functionality.

Config.:  Standard functionality that can be configured.

Dev:  Requires development and/or customization.

$$:  Requires extra product and/or license.