techno-1002902_640A new year brings opportunities for some service organizations to make organizational and operational changes. It can be tempting to put buzzword technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality at the top of your technology list, but what technologies are truly attainable in 2016 for small-to mid-sized service organizations?


Field Service Management

For organizations that have not yet fully optimized or made the leap to a management system to organize their field service department or mobile workforce, field service management should be at the top of the list. As technology continues to evolve and expand, service organizations need to have a solid infrastructure in place that will allow them to implement technologies of the future, such as IoT and augmented reality. The marketplace offers dozens of service solutions options, depending on your needs and budget. Service organizations should not be afraid to explore all the available options. A great starting point? Head over to Capterra’s list of field service management software. You can filter the list with the features you need for the number of users you need. If your organization doesn’t have the budget or resources for necessary training, make sure you pick and choose essential features to focus on for 2016 so you can quickly learn how to use those critical features.

Cloud-Based Platforms

For organizations looking forward to IoT capabilities in the next few years, ensuring your organization uses cloud-based platforms is crucial. When more devices are connected, there will be a deluge of data. If an organization maintains on-premise solutions, the volume of the resulting data could overwhelm the capabilities of the platforms. Cloud-based options offer unlimited data storage, often in data warehouses located all over the nation. Not only does this mean a good place for all the data gathered, but it also means a good place to safely store and immediately access data in the event of an outage. Because platforms use a number of different data warehouses, even if one goes down, your data will be accessible from another.

Video and Knowledge Database Solutions

As the workforce evolves, service organizations need to focus on solutions that will help their workforce remain a well-oiled machine. Video and knowledge database solutions are attainable 2016 technologies. Technicians need an easy way to communicate and collaborate with each other, allowing more experienced technicians to easily assist less experienced technicians. Using video allows technicians to connect in real-time. It also gives them the ability to see what another technician is working on in real-time, or to show a less experienced technician how to diagnose and resolve a problem. A great extension to this is a database, or a knowledge management system, which enables technicians to read manuals, view videos, and examine helpful materials about common and complex fixes on the job. Not only will the solutions prepare your new workforce, but they will give your technicians a sense of satisfaction in knowing they can finish a job the first time. Your customers will benefit, too.

For those organizations looking to make impactful changes to their technology solution strategy, choosing attainable technologies is key. Don’t fret over the big buzzwords like IoT, wearables, and analytics when you can make an immediate impact by choosing technologies which support future growth toward those bigger, more expensive solutions.