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Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of effective strategy execution is proactively establishing a change management plan. No matter the organization or strategy objectives, changing the organization in some manner will no doubt be an integral part. Why, though, is change management is such an integral part of strategy execution?

Invariably well constructed strategic plans require an organization to do something differently than it does today. It could be improving gross margins, increasing customer loyalty, penetrating new markets or capturing market share from a competitor. The point being is that it requires a set of results other than those currently being produced. Therefore in order for an organization to realize its strategic plan, it must change since the strategic plans themselves do nothing to achieve the desired results. The strategic plan therefore, is realized only through the sustained, collective actions of its employees who ultimately are responsible for designing, executing and working in the changed environment. This is the heart of change management; leading others to understand a vision, obtaining their buy-in to its importance and ultimately empowering them to identify the modifications to behaviors, processes, etc. necessary to realize the vision. Without change management, an organization will never realize its’ vision.

Stay tuned for future posts as we discuss ways to actually drive change within an organizaiton.

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