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An often overlooked, but critical aspect of any software deployment that touches service personnel is change management. JCG is well-versed in change management and feels this it is the most important and most underappreciated factor in a service technology implementation. As a result, we have developed ChangeJolt, our service offering dedicated to change management.  According to Prosci, a pioneer in Change Management research and strategy, ‘Change Management places the necessary focus on where change actually occurs – at the individual employee level.’

When the people side of change is ignored or mismanaged, there are additional costs and risks. These costs and risks emerge at both the project level and the organizational level, and include things like active and passive resistance, morale declines, loss of valued employees, delays, and inefficiencies from rework.

ChangeJolt helps organizations:

  • Avoid costs and mitigate risks on the project
  • Through structured processes that allow projects to exceed their objectives
  • Ensure organizational alignment from executives to line staff
  • Gain clarity on project objectives and challenges
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