Jolt Consulting Group has provided service domain and software implementation expertise for 45+ deployments of the leading global service technology solutions. Service software directly impacts the customer interaction and Jolt has significant experience leading the deployment and support of these complex, enterprise-wide, mission-critical software solutions.

Jolt also provides strategic advisory services to service technology companies to best position their solutions in the industry. These services include product strategy and roadmaps, competitive analysis, market potential and dynamics and marketing content development.

Jolt Consulting Group | Enabling Service Excellence

  • Provided market and product strategy for a $1.3B technology company. Per our recommendations, resulted in phasing out one of the company’s existing software products and entering into a strategic alliance with a competitor.
  • Advised a Global F100 on the potential acquisition of a set of service technology companies; resulted in no investment as per our recommendation.
  • Advised a leading global service software company on their go-to-market strategy (e.g., pricing, marketing, target markets, etc.) for their launch of a new cloud-based product offering.
  • Provided product management to a service technology company including an assessment of their current offering, development of a product roadmap and detailed requirements documents to achieve their future product vision.
  • Created white papers,customer success stories and sales support content for multiple leading global ERP, EAM and service technology companies.