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Salesforce Einstein for Service Rapid Deployment

Jolt Consulting Group’s EinsteinJolt is a prepackaged implementation of the Salesforce Einstein for Service product. The offering enables the full breadth of the Einstein for Service functionality to be deployed in as little as 30 days.

Jolt’s team of experts will implement a pre-configured package of Einstein for Service capabilities including Einstein bots, case classification, next best action and service analytics using our pre-packaged implementation offering.  This packaged offering has everything an organization needs to get started with Einstein for Service in as little as 30-days.

As part of EinsteinJolt, Jolt Consulting Group will provide:

  • Configuration of up to 3 Einstein for Service bots to automate text/chat interaction with clients.
  • Implementation of the case classification features that automate the population of up to 10 picklist fields on a client’s case page layout.
  • Inclusion of up to 6 variables for determining next best action on a case through configuration of the Einsteinstrategy builder.
  • Configuration of up to 3 service analytics dashboards that leverage the clients unique dataset.
  • Service domain expertise regarding best practices to elevate service organizations.
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