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Today’s leaders in the service industry must focus on measuring metrics to proactively manage their business – recall the famous quote by Peter Drucker “What gets measured, gets managed.” But how do leaders measure real-time results in an environment where analysis paralysis exists because data can become overwhelming?

First, it’s important to focus on certain metrics that provide service organizations with the best insights.  As discussed in our previous blog, Jolt recommends concentrating on two distinct and separate metric categories – process and results metrics.  Both types of metrics affect Customer Experience (CX), whether directly or indirectly and it is our belief that a balance of process and result metrics provide the greatest insight into the overall performance of the service organization.

The Dashboard View

Once a service organization determines the process and results metrics relevant for their business, service leaders must have access to the information at their fingertips in a user-friendly dashboard format.  Dashboards provide everyone in the organization from service

managers and executives the ability to easily track data – in real time – to positively impact CX, help retain customers, drive financial results and create operational efficiencies.  These dashboards must be highly visual, have a clean user interface and easily display geographic based information (e.g., map view of trouble assets) that is critical to service organizations.  Service executives must have the ability to drill down into the dashboard metrics providing additional detail and root cause analysis allowing the service organization to make decisions based on real time data.

We recommend the creation of two distinct dashboards to benefit different service users:

  • The Executive Dashboard – strategic, financial and customer focused
  • The Operational Dashboard – internal process and efficiencies focused

Each dashboard provides insights into metrics that are a mix between process and results, both helping leaders make informed operational decisions that lead to positive financial impact for an organization.

The Executive Dashboard

This dashboard view focuses on strategic, financial and customer orientated metrics that include some process and some results metrics.  Two of the many metrics we recommend on your Executive Dashboard view are:

  • Percentage of Predictive Work (Process)
  • Net Promotor Score (Results)

The Operational Dashboard

The Operational Dashboard focuses on internal process and outcomes, which lead to positive customer experience and operational efficiencies.  Two of the many metrics we recommend on your Operational Dashboard view are: 

  • First Time Fix Rate (Process)
  • Technician Utilization (Results)


Service organizations all require relevant and actionable data at their fingertips. Jolt endorses visual insights into both Executive and Operational Dashboards to empower leaders to make informed decisions in real time.  Software solutions that have embedded dashboards and reporting capabilities that are easily understood, visually appealing and easily maintained are the key to proactive management.

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