Today is World IoT Day!

What better way to participate in a month of IoT celebration than to share your organization’s dreams? In March, Jolt Consulting Group revealed its sponsorship of Field Service USA in Palm Springs, CA from April 20-23. The Group’s activities at the event do not end there. Throughout the event, Jolt will sponsor two blackboard soundboards in the foyer to the exhibit hall. The boards are intended to be a place to share dreams and aspirations.

IoT, Technology, BlackboardThe two blackboards will prompt attendees to consider two statements: One about attendees’ dreams for their organization and one about attendees’ dreams for their customers. At the end of each day of the event, Jolt attendees will take pictures of the boards, which will be shared on Twitter (@servicejolt).

After the event, Jolt Consulting Group will release a blog post highlighting the comments right here on the Jolt website. During the weeks following the event, Jolt will delve deeper into the blackboard comments in a series of posts and include in depth analyses of the means to achieve service dreams and desires for customers.

Please join us in identifying and achieving service dreams across the nation. If you are at the event, please feel free to contribute to the boards and talk to Jolt representatives at exhibit booth 301. We are giving away 3 Garmin Vivosmarts during the event.

Until then, tell us what you are doing to celebrate World IoT Day. PTC (@PTC) will be hosting a conversation on Twitter today at 1 PM EST. Experts will join in and discuss the advances of IoT and the future of IoT for businesses. #IoT #IoTDay.

Also, check out a list of events around the world for World IoT Day.

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