Involve Your Employees during Selection and Implementation

Choosing and implementing a software or hardware solution is difficult. However, roll out can be made smoother if you involve your employees. Involving everyone poses challenges, particularly for large organizations, but bringing in employees from different departments benefits the company. Why should you involve all employees during selection and implementation?

Different Departments, Different Uses

Sometimes, management cannot fully evaluate the needs and technology uses of employees in the field or on the front line. Luckily, you have the best resources available to understand those needs and uses: the employees themselves. Depending on the software or hardware, there can be several practical uses. As such, understanding how employees in every department use technology (or, how they don’t use technology) can help you understand the use requirements for any solution.

The Employees Have to Use It

Although a solution may seem great, the people who will complain about or praise it the most are those who have to work with it on a daily basis. Involving your employees during selection and implementation ensures you understand and hear employee concerns about the available options. If employees appear leery about a certain solution, ask them why. They may have insight that you do not have about how a solution can negatively affect processes. Similarly, employees can tell you if certain features aren’t needed, which can help you save money.

The Transition is Easier

In a previous post, we examined the ways you can help employees feel comfortable with new technology. Involvement is one of those ways. Employees who are involved with the selection and implementation of a new solution will feel more comfortable because they have been a part of the process from the beginning. They may also have better insight into why the company is moving in a new direction. And, as every great leader knows, communication and transparency can make for more productive, engaged employees.

They Can See the Bugs

Is everything working correctly? Who better to ask than those who use it daily? Who better to bring into meetings about what needs to be fixed than those experiencing issues, inconsistencies, or possible roadblocks? Your employees see the bugs and can offer possible solutions or alternatives. Some solutions can include customization, so use your options to their fullest potential. If something isn’t helping your bottom line, don’t settle; consider what to ask for with your employees’ help.

Team Spirit

Most of all, involving your employees in selection and implementation processes fosters collaboration and communication. Everyone is helping one another choose what is best for the company. Everyone needs to hear each other out to choose the best solution. By involving your employees, you can improve trust.

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