Saratoga Springs, NY (March 21, 2016) — Jolt Consulting Group, a leading provider of management and technology consulting services within the service management industry, achieved a significant company milestone with their 100th service consulting engagement in March. Founder and CEO, Jeff Oskin, regarding this accomplishment:

“Jolt Consulting Group was founded on the premise that service can and should be the differentiator between companies and those organizations that provide superior service will create customer loyalty, separate themselves from competition and realize greater financial results. Our sole focus is to assist these companies on their journey to achieve service excellence by providing a unique and comprehensive set of engagements specific to companies within the service ecosystem. It is evident from our 100 consulting engagements and record year over year results that our clients value our unparalleled service industry domain expertise and our ability to advise our clients from both a business operations and technology perspective is a key Jolt differentiator.”

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During their 100 engagements, Jolt Consulting Group has provided the following services to their clients:

Service Assessment

Assessing service operations and IT infrastructure versus best in class.Press Release_Jolt Services

Process Re-Design

Reviewing current service processes and developing future “to be” business processes based upon best practices.

Technology Selection

Leading technology selection efforts including defining requirements, preparing demonstration scripts, providing insight into technology solutions and assisting in license and statement of work contract negotiations.

Software Implementation

Leveraging full-service systems integrator experience and service domain expertise, providing project management, business analysts, technical leads, and integration resources to lead or assist during a software implementation.

Reporting and Analytics

Aggregating service data from across multiple data sources via a reporting platform providing the necessary business intelligence required to improve service operations.

Managed Services

Providing outsourced IT services for service based organizations to ensure their IT infrastructure is supporting the business objectives and needs.

Market Research

Marketing research and positioning services for both service operation and technology companies to support strategic decisions including identifying market size and dynamics, service/product positioning, competitive landscape and developing marketing strategy and content.

About Jolt Consulting Group

Jolt Consulting Group is a provider of transformational business and technology services for organizations in the service management ecosystem. We enable organizations to better connect with their customers through comprehensive business analysis, effectively managing change, assisting with the development of proactive maintenance strategies, and by selecting and deploying enabling technologies. Our team is comprised of industry veterans who collectively have more than 120 years of service industry experience and expertise. We have led service organizations, run technology companies that offer solutions to the service industry, served as service industry analysts, and have deployed dozens of solutions in service organizations across a wide variety of industries. Jolt Consulting Group is headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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