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Wow! Spring is already here but it certainly does not feel like it with the current global situation that we are all experiencing. We here at Jolt Consulting Group wanted to take some time to share a few highlights from the Salesforce Spring ‘20 Release that we thought you’d find useful:

Field Service Lightning

Admins for FSL-enabled orgs have long lamented the lack of global actions available in the Field Service Mobile app. Great news- Global Actions are now supported in the FSL app! This will allow for more powerful automations for field service technicians and reduce the number of repetitive tasks. The staff at Jolt can help orgs set these up according to field service best practices and can also help your org by running the FSL Health Check which is now generally available.

Finally, Spring ’20 brings a new beta feature which allows the scheduling of shifts for field service workers. Orgs who want to enable ad hoc shifts will need to create a case with Salesforce Support to enable this feature. Since it is a beta feature, it is highly recommended that this feature is thoroughly tested in a sandbox prior to implementing in a production environment. 


Several Einstein features are highlighted in the Spring ’20 release. The most notable is the beta release of Einstein SearchEinstein search allows each user to see relevant results specific to their Salesforce usage. With salespeople focusing on Leads & Opportunities, service people focusing on Cases & Work Orders, and marketers focused on a whole host of objects, search can often be a source of frustration for users as a one-size-fits-all approach fails. With Einstein Search, Salesforce is able to prioritize records matching the query with results tailored to each user. 

For those orgs using Knowledge, Einstein Article Recommendations can use past cases to recommend Knowledge articles that might be helpful to service agents. By streamlining the efficiency of service agents, Einstein Article Recommendations can reduce response times and improve first-time-fix metrics. Finally, those orgs in the manufacturing space can use Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing for more timely and deeper insights into organizational performance. 



For those who are a fan of the Power of One, there is some bad news: Count Unique Vales in Report Results is now generally available. This long-awaited feature allows report builders to count unique records in a report or report group. On a happier note, Salesforce has sped up the time it takes to create complex reports by allowing users to turn off automatic updates when editing reports. Previously when editing a report, each edit would trigger a report preview “refresh” which would prevent the user from making further changes until the preview updated. Now with this feature enabled, users can make multiple edits on a report and refresh the preview on demand, significantly reducing the time it takes to create certain reports.

Lightning Readiness

One of the big changes that I have seen and even worked with is the Migration to ‘Lightning. This can be a scary undertaking, as even the user interface has a different look and feel, but no need to fear, as Salesforce has created several tools to aid in your transition

  • Since 2017 Salesforce has put tools in place to assist with the Lightning Experience Transition. This is a holistic approach with tips, tricks, and tools to help prepare your org for the often-dreaded transition.  
  • One of the best tools that you could run is the Lightning Experience Readiness Check. This gives you a 360-degree view of your org and its health level, in terms of readiness, to make the transition. With the Spring 20 release they have added these two new features to help improve the transition.
  • Turn On Lightning Experience Critical Updates to make sure your org is receiving the most uptodate information. 
  • Another awesome trick to assist with the transition to Lightning is the  Lightning Experience Configuration Converter which allows you to manage all your Lightning Tabs from one place, convert JavaScript alerts to Lightning Components and Convert JavaScript Buttons on Contracts and Task Objects.  
  • A great feature to incorporate during this transition Health Check, which shows gaps in the Salesforce Org that might need to be addressed (and its actually kinda neat to see under the hood of Salesforce!). 

Lightning Communities

During the current situation, the ability to adapt and pivot is critical because, as a business, you still want to have that sense of connection with your customers, clients, partners, and employees. One of the best ways to do that it with a Salesforce Community. We have configured several and they are by far one of my favorite things to do. With the Spring 20 Release, they have rolled out some really cool addons. The Lightning Communities: Report Builder, Report Run Page, and Flexible Layouts this is going to allow the Salesforce user of the Community to build and run reports right in the community, allowing people to see their data (which is huge because we want to know how things are working!). This new update also empowers designers to allow different lightning community layouts for the different Use Cases. One thing about the communities that we really enjoy is its design aspect. The themesbranding and color schemes make you feel like a UIX wizard.  

Salesforce Essentials

With our current global situation, it is critical that Small Businesses have the mobility and accessibility to adapt to the ever-changing landscape that affects business. With the new updates to Get Connected Faster with Enhancements to Email-to-Case, it allows companies to integrate their Google Account in a super simple process. (If anyone remembers, it used to be the journey to set up Google Email.) Also, the Email-to-Case feature allows your customers and clients to be able to advise of an issue with very little effort on their part, which is great for small businesses since customers are our lifeblood. And finally, one of the coolest things that the Spring ‘20 update allows is access to your org through the Salesforce App –  Run Your Small Business from Anywhere with the New Salesforce Mobile App which can be impactful for employees onthego. 


Until Next Time…

By no means is this an all-inclusive display of Salesforce’s Spring ’20 Release Notes (you can view the full version here), but our hand-picked highlights to help our customers navigate through the upgrades. As you may have guessed, we’ll be putting together another compilation (Summer ’20) for you, our valued customers, in order to stay informed and help you deliver the best customer experience to your customers. Until then, happy Salesforce-ing!

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