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Saratoga Springs, NY (May 26, 2011) – Jolt Consulting Group, a leading provider of management and technology consulting services for the field service industry, today unveiled the Service Performance Framework (SPF) and published a new whitepaper outlining the framework. The whitepaper is entitled “Achieve Service Excellence with the Service Performance Framework“.

The thought leadership piece introduces the Service Performance Framework, a blueprint for service executives to implement a world-class performance management framework for their businesses. The Service Performance Framework (SPF) is a systematic set of analytics coupled with processes used by best-in-class service organizations for monitoring and improving their performance. The framework focuses on three fundamental pillars; a) effective data capture, b) a deep understanding of the service organizations processes & people, and c) the insight necessary to drive change within an organization.

“The Service Performance Framework provides service executives a recipe for significantly improving their operations and achieving service excellence”, stated Jeff Oskin, President of Jolt Consulting Group. “As is described in the whitepaper, effective implementation of the Service Performance Framework will serve as the foundation for achieving the holy-grail for service executives – accurately forecasting future results”.

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Jolt Consulting Group is a leading provider of management and technology consulting services for the field service industry. Jolt Consulting Group enables service organizations, as well as providers to the service industry, to operate more efficiently, accelerate their growth and have a deeper understanding of their customers. Jolt Consulting Group brings 20 years of practical experience running service organizations as well as technology providers to the service industry. Jolt Consulting Group is headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY. For more information visit our website, our blog or subscribe to our newsletter.

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