Effective Subcontractor Management for Field Service Delivery

Saratoga Springs, NY (February 23, 2017) – Jolt Consulting Group, a leading provider of transformational business and technology services for organizations in the service management ecosystem announced today the release of a new whitepaper outlining the challenges service organizations face in managing a subcontractor network.  The whitepaper is entitled, “Effective Subcontractor Management for Field Service Delivery”.

Effectively managing internal and external service resources has become an increasing challenge for today’s service organizations.  The desire to add additional service offerings requiring skills not possessed in house or providing service in geographic regions where service organizations do not have a local presence has increased the need to leverage third parties for service delivery.  These needs have highlighted a shortcoming in many of today’s service organizations – effective subcontractor management.  The latest Jolt Consulting Group whitepaper outlines the key subcontractor management issues facing service providers and highlights alternatives for them to consider.

“Effective subcontractor management is rapidly emerging as a key differentiator in today’s crowded service marketplace”, stated Jeff Oskin, President of Jolt Consulting Group.  “Organizations that are able to integrate external resources and exercise the same level of control, while protecting their brand will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  This publication offers the service industry insight into considerations for effective subcontractor management.”

A copy of the paper may be obtained from the Jolt Consulting Group website by clicking here.

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