Jolt Consulting Group has developed a QuickBooks and Salesforce/ServiceMax integration software that allows the two systems to seamlessly and automatically communicate via the following 7 transactions:

  • QuickBooks Customers to Salesforce Accounts
  • Salesforce Accounts to QuickBooks Customers
  • QuickBooks Customer Contact to Salesforce Contacts
  • QuickBooks Products/Services to Salesforce Products
  • QuickBooks Products/Services Pricing to Salesforce PriceBook Entries
  • ServiceMax Work Orders/Work Details to QuickBooks Invoice Header/Invoice Lines
  • ServiceMax Time Entries to QuickBooks Time Entries to issue payroll

Benefits include:

  • Automating manual, duplicate processes to increase efficiencies and reduce errors.
  • Faster and more accurate invoicing.
  • Increased cash flow.
  • Faster and more accurate payroll.
  • Prevention of duplicate records.

For more information about our QuickBooks and Salesforce / ServiceMax integration software, reach out to us at or at 877-249-6262.

Check out our QuickBooks and ServiceMax Integration Solution Whitepaper for details about how it works.

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