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One of the more confounding problems service executives face is the attainment of their strategic vision for the business. One of the very best tools service executives can use to transform their organization and realize dramatically improved business results is the effective use of a strategic planning model. Yet despite the potential improvements strategic planning can offer, a limited number of senior service executives actually carve significant blocks of time in their busy schedules to focus on strategic planning. In fact, numerous management surveys indicate that nearly 85% of executives spend less than one hour per month on strategic planning. Service executives are especially susceptible as they are continually drawn into customer “fire-fighting” mode, which consumes their ability to block out time and focus on the long-term. The result is that, despite intentions to plan strategically, service executives are forced to continually de-prioritize strategic planning to focus on issue resolution. This becomes a vicious cycle and ultimately results in “point problem solving” by management versus working to achieve their strategic vision.

So what is a service executive to do? Jolt Consulting Group believes there are four fundamental elements to true strategy attainment, assuming a strategic vision has already been established. The four fundamental pillars are:

  1. Implementation of performance frameworks
  2. Proactive change management
  3. Appropriate use of technology
  4. Strong program management

Of the items on this list, the implementaton of a performance framework coupled with proactive change management are the most crucial in determining whether a vision will be attained. Without a performance framework, as was defined in our position paper entitled “Service Performance Framework“, an organization will not truly understand its processes or people and therefore its metrics will lead to false conclusions. In the same light, without an ability to proactively manage change an orgranization will not be able to hold any short term improvements made in the business since the underlying people and processes producing the results will gravitate back to their comfort zone. True change requires the foresight and leadership that can only be attained through proactive change management.

The ability to effectively achieve its strategic vision is one of the key characteristics of world-class service organizations. For this reason, Jolt Consulting Group will be releasing a position paper dedicated to strategy attainment. Stay tuned for the release in the weeks to come.

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