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Technology Roadmaps, Selection & Delivery

Technology is essential to compete in today’s marketplace. Jolt Consulting Group assists companies in determining whether they would benefit from a new technology and if so, Jolt develops client specific technology roadmaps to create the highest business impact and receive the greatest return on investment. Once a technology need has been determined, Jolt assists companies to identify and select the software solution that best fits their requirements and strategic goals providing critical insight into the nuances and differences between the service solutions.

Our Expertise

Jolt Consulting Group is experienced as a full-service systems integrator and has significant experience leading the deployment and support of complex, enterprise-wide, mission-critical software solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. In each of these engagements we leveraged our service domain expertise, technical talent, and in-depth knowledge of best practices to assist our clients in achieving operational excellence. Jolt Consulting Group provides project managers, business analysts, technical leads, and integration resources to lead or assist during a software implementation.

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