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Welcome to this week’s edition of WeeklyJolt, the Jolt Consulting Group blog.  Based upon the very positive feedback from the last several posts, we are going to be offering a weekly prize to continue encouraging your participation.  More on that later.

There can be little debate that the rapidly changing technological world in which we live is adding complexity for service organizations.  Automobiles, appliances, home theater equipment and industrial machinery all have a much greater percentage of electronic features than they did 5-10 years ago.  The electronics, while great for the end user, introduce a level of complexity for the service organization tasked with servicing the more advanced equipment.  These complexities require specialized training, which in turn drive up the service organizations labor costs as technically compentent service personnel are in high demand and thus more costly.  This, of course, flies directly in the face of most demands on service organizations to reduce service costs.

So what is a service organization to do? We’d like to understand how your organization is handling the increased complexities in today’s products.   Email one or two ideas to info@joltconsultinggroup.com for your chance to win a $10 gift card from Amazon.  The 14th person that provides us an answer will win.  Please include your full name, company name, and email address to qualify for the prize.  We will publish a few of the entries in next week’s blog post.



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