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Welcome to this week’s edition of WeeklyJolt, the Jolt Consulting Group blog. We would like to thank those of you who responded to last week’s question, we received a number of insightful comments. Plans for managing during a natural disaster include: “we have mutual aid agreements with other utilities, but we often resort to paper forms to track their work”; “Thanks for the post, it was really insightful. We don’t have a formal disaster plan and it is clear we need something”. Thank you to everyone who responded including Dave L (CO), our 14th responder and Amazon gift card winner! Now onto this week’s topic — mobility.

The market for mobile applications has never been hotter than it is today, despite the challenging economic times. A recent Gartner publication stated “During the past 18 months, this market has dramatically accelerated, both in terms of user requirements and the prominence of these mobile application projects among IT staff and the business units they service.”  The proliferation of smart phones with access to app stores is fueling increased sophistication from end users, especially from a user experience standpoint (e.g. user interface), which in turn is placing pressure on enterprises to deliver mobile applications with similar experiences.  With IT staff under tremendous pressure to deliver against these requirements, they are forced to make difficult decisions on mobile architectures, as well as on application development.  Historically IT staff have looked to their enterprise software vendors to deliver extensions, such as mobile, within their packages.  However, as technologies continue to mature and demand across numerous internal constituents increasing (e.g. sales, service, management), IT leaders are looking for ways to consolidate their mobile efforts.  These drivers are leading to the evolution of a new breed of providers coined by Gartner as “Mobile Enterprise Application Providers (MEAP).  Vendors such as Antenna Software, Syclo and Pyxis Mobile are rapidly gaining momentum within this evolving market sector.  This sets up a showdown of sorts, between the enterprise software vendors who desire to retain ownership (and $$) associated with mobile, whereas MEAP players are seeking to be the mobile platform while enabling IT to build custom mobile applications to meet their unique enterprise needs.

So this week’s question is on the topic of your company’s mobile strategy. Is your organization pursuing a “MEAP” strategy for developing mobile applications or are you placing pressure on your enterprise software vendors to meet the demands, especially around user experience, of your users? Email a description of your company’s plans to info@joltconsultinggroup.com for your chance to win a $10 gift card from Amazon. The 14th person that provides us an answer will win. Please include your full name, company name, and email address to qualify for the prize. We will publish a few of the entries in next week’s blog post.

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