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Welcome to this week’s edition of WeeklyJolt, the Jolt Consulting Group blog.  We would like to thank those of you who responded to last week’s question, we received a number of insightful comments.  Ideas for managing the increasing proliferation of electronics within field equipment include: “we work with our design team to create as many removable modules in our dispensing machines that enable rapid service times”; “our company provides funding for our techs to attend advanced training classes at schools like ITT tech”.  Thank you to everyone who responded including Joe R, our 14th responder and Amazon gift card winner!  Now onto this week’s topic — natural disasters.

It seems far too often today that news of some form of natural disaster is dominating the headlines.  Over the past year we’ve had fires in the southwestern part of the US, vicious tornadoes that wreaked devastation across the country, flooding in the Northeast and mid-sections of the country and of course the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan.  On top of that, we are now entering the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and NOAA is predicting an above average season with 12-18 named storms with 3-6 of those becoming major hurricanes.  While all these disasters adversely impact individuals, their homes and families, they also wreak havoc on a wide-range of businesses such as utilities, telecommunication providers, energy companies, retail organizations, and insurance providers.  All of these organizations have a common denominator in that they employ significant field workforces that they must manage before, during and after a disaster in order to restore their respective services to the individuals and communities affected by the disasters.  Their ability to efficiently manage their overall response and in turn these resources is often the defining factor in how the public views the quality of service provided.  Unfortunately, while most of these organizations have plans for managing their disaster response, far too many of these organizations do not have the tools for effectively managing their field service workforces and as a result resort to manual, paper intensive processes. 

So this week’s question is on the topic of your company’s natural disaster response plans.  Does your organization have a disaster response plan and if so, how is the field service organization managed during this hectic time?  Email a description of your company’s plans to info@joltconsultinggroup.com for your chance to win a $10 gift card from Amazon.  The 14th person that provides us an answer will win.  Please include your full name, company name, and email address to qualify for the prize.  We will publish a few of the entries in next week’s blog post.

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