What is a Service Assessment?

In this blog series, we will discuss what service organizations should expect when receiving different consulting services. Our first post focuses on service assessments.

What is a Service Assessment?

Service assessments can come in different forms, from strategic assessments to performance and customer service assessments. However, the basic purpose is the same: a service assessment is a review of an organization’s processes or strategy; its purpose is to identify areas for improvement. Service assessments should always end in a list of recommendation for an organization.

What to Expect

Depending on the service consultant you choose to perform the assessment, you may experience different steps during the analysis. However, you should always expect an on-site meeting between the consulting service and your organization. No one can adequately provide an independent, un-biased assessment of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses without being on-site to talk to your employees and service managers and to see your facility and operations.

Expect questions. A serious service consultant will ask questions, targeted at understanding how your organization works and, ultimately, the goals you are striving to achieve. After a thorough review of the organization, a consulting service should emphasize the changes and steps your organization needs to undertake to achieve desired goals.

Personalized guidance is the goal of any service assessment. Find a consulting service with experience in your industry and ask questions about past projects. A consultant who led a similar organization toward improved efficiency and productivity likely understands the market. Best practices are best practices because they are proven. Expect explanations as to why a recommendation would work best for your organization.

What are the benefits?

Benefits will differ depending on the specific service assessment, but in general, expect:

      • Relevant data to act on

      • Increased productivity

      • Better processes

      • Business objectives being met

      • Higher first-time fix rate

      • Happier customers

      • Consistent methods across the organization

      • Increased service timeliness


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