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Jolt Consulting Group

7 Services of Jolt

Jolt Consulting Group assists service providers, technology companies, and private equity firms through 7 consulting services (which organizations can choose and customize separately). With 90+ consulting engagements, our clients partner with us because our unparalleled field service and customer support industry domain expertise that enable these organizations to grow their revenues and realize greater levels of profitability coupled with improved levels of customer satisfaction.

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      •  Service Assessments – Jolt Consulting Group performs assessments of
         service operations and performance versus best in class across industries.
The assessment is a holistic review of an organization’s strategies, processes,
         IT infrastructure and change management necessary for achievement of the
         future state service organization. Jolt Consulting Group evaluates an organization
         versus best practices, identifies inefficiencies and recommends opportunities
         for improvement.

         Want to know more about what a service assessment is? Check out our blog.

      •  Business Process Re-Engineering – Jolt Consulting Group will examine
         current processes at a detailed level throughout the complete customer interaction
         event and touch points; sales opportunity management, estimating, quoting,
         service call origination, technical/call center support, schedule, dispatch, action,
         close out, invoicing and reporting. Jolt Consulting Group will develop a
         comprehensive set of future “to be” business processes, requirements and
         recommendations for change based upon our service industry domain expertise,
         knowledge of industry best practices and to align with our client’s goals. Results

      •  Technology Selection – Technology is
         essential to compete in today’s
         marketplace. Jolt Consulting Group
         assists companies determine whether
they would benefit from a new technology
         and if so, what software solution best fits
         their requirements and strategic goals.
         Jolt Consulting Group leads technology
         selection processes including, creation and
         management of a formal RFP process, coordination of all internal
         activities, hosting a vendor Q&A, preparing demonstration scripts, coordinating
         vendor responses, creating a scoring mechanism for rating the vendor capabilities
         and facilitating vendor demonstrations. Jolt Consulting Group also provides
         license and implementation statement of work contract negotiation assistance.

      •  Software Implementation – Jolt Consulting Group is experienced as a full-service
         systems integrator and has implemented several leading enterprise software solutions
         across a broad spectrum of industries. In each of these engagements we leveraged our
         service domain expertise, technical expertise, and in-depth knowledge of best practices
         to assist our clients in achieving operational excellence. Jolt Consulting Group provides
         project management, business analysts, technical leads, and integration resources to lead
         or assist during a software implementation.

      •  Reporting and Analytics – A lack of visibility and insight into critical operating
         information and metrics significantly hinders an organization’s ability to drive strategic
         change. Jolt Consulting Group deploys a reporting environment and creates custom reports
         and analytics to provide the necessary business intelligence required to improve service
         operations. The reporting environment can draw and aggregate data from across multiple
         data sources and provides real time, actionable information. 

      •  Managed Services – Jolt Consulting Group provides outsourced IT services for service based
         organizations to ensure their IT infrastructure is supporting the needs of the business. Our
         support model can vary from the client pre-purchasing a set number of support hours to a
         completely outsourced 24x7x365 managed service model whereby Jolt Consulting Group is
         responsible for the entire IT operations with full application management and support, help
         desk and diagnostics.

      •  Market Research, Positioning, and Market Strategy – Jolt Consulting Group provides
         an array of market research services to support strategic decisions including identification of
         the market size, dynamics, trends and growth, assessing the competitive landscape including
         the value proposition and perceived and real differentiation between leading providers and
         performing a detailed product/service/technology assessment versus competition.