We're happy to announce that Forcivity and Jolt Consulting Group are joining forces! Together we're excited to help our customers digitally transform their service operations. Learn more here.

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Optimize customer management with technology built for today, and a partnership ready for tomorrow.

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Power Up Your Plan for Success with ServiceJolt

Leverage expert insight with ServiceJoltSM, our holistic assessment for sales and service operations and performance.

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Build Competitive Advantage in Sales & Service

Leverage Salesforce Solutions to transform your sales process and service delivery through clear internal communication. Improve customer experience and exceed sales goals.

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360 Insight 360 Insight Insight Mobile

Gain 360-degree Insights. Support IFS Field Service Management.

Jolt helps you fully leverage Microsoft Azure through managed services, and access to data for strategic business decisions.

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Increase Adoption Through Training & Support

Transform your business and get the most out of technology through consulting and training. Jolt powers positive change - a crucial factor in service technology implementation.

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G&G Lighting

"G&G is now able to move leads quickly through the pipeline due to dynamic, personalized campaigns; measure and track campaign performance, drawing insights based on the data; better understand each step of the whole marketing process from click to close, capturing true marketing ROI."

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United Imaging

"It has been a joy working with Jolt. I was particularly impressed by the ability of the team to strike a balance between business acumen and technical expertise."

Max Heppermann,
Director of Service PMO, United Imaging

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Center for Disability Services

"Jolt Consulting Group helped select the right technology for CFDS business requirementsGE Centricity. JCG software contract and pricing that reduced CFDS risk and ensured CFDS protection with a cyber-security plan. Lastly, new efficient business processes and infrastructures were developed."

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