Jolt Consulting Group Expects To Double Revenue in 2021, On The Lookout For Acquisitions

By Justin Dawes  –  Reporter, Albany Business Review | Jan 31, 2021, 7:10pm EST

Technology and business consulting firm Jolt Consulting Group expects to nearly double revenue this year.

That’s after four consecutive years of growing revenue by more than 20% each year — including 23% last year. The company also achieved a 100% increase in profitability last year, not including one-time gains.

That means the Saratoga Springs-based firm will reach the revenue bracket of $5 million to $10 million this year, according to Jeff Oskin, president and CEO at Jolt.

"We entered 2021 with four times more business in hand than we had in 2020 and that in and of itself is going to allow us to do double," Oskin said.

He attributed that growth, in part, to the firm’s response to how it served its clients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Among Jolt’s services to other companies is management of several technology platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft Azure.

"We're a firm that helps our customers connect with their customers, so we basically listened to our own message and we went and connected with our customers. We went out, we understood what their challenges were, we understood what they were experiencing as they were going through the pandemic," he said.

That action, in turn, led Jolt to develop some new offerings, such as a way clients could use a Salesforce-based service to make up for workers the clients may have had to lay off during the pandemic.

The company has had more than 225 consulting projects in total, including about 35 added last year.

The company has 14 total employees scattered throughout the country and Oskin plans to hire more as the company grows.

Jolt Consulting Group was founded by Oskin 10 years ago. He said the company's experience in the industry is what led to its continuous growth over the last several years.