Creating Great Customer Experience Equals Bottom Line Impact

By: Ivan Moore | June 21, 2018 | Industry Trends, News, Resources

Customers perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effects of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels or products[1] is the literal definition of Customer Experience (CX). It’s important to note that the customer’s perceptionat every interactionis an integral part of the CX formula.

Improving the service delivery chain and enriching CX must be at the forefront of a service organization’s company strategy to deliver tangible results; companies who focus on customer service make 60% higher profits than their competitors.[2]  There’s opportunity in every customer interaction to provide excellent CX, which can positively impact the bottom line.

There are various ways to approach improving CX for your service business, but let’s touch on 10, detailed in Jolt Consulting Group’s white paper Service Delivery and Impact to the Customer Experience.

Customer Reviews

Consumers now have added impact and power because they’re communicating with each other in real-time; via word of mouth, amplifying the feedback loop through social media, and using online reviews to rate their satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with service providers.

It’s now much easier for customers to research company ratings and learn firsthand about customer service experiences ahead of purchases or prior to entering into any long-term commitments. In fact, 88% of consumers are influenced by online customer service reviews before ever engaging with a business.[3]

The Sweet & The Sour

If a company is on the receiving end of these “shared customer experiences” they can expect very different results from positive versus negative CX. Positive experiences will result in confident referrals, drive additional purchases, and help significantly with customer retention. Bad experiences have the inverse impact – decreased purchases from existing customers and lost opportunity for new customers.

To influence CX in a positive manner, there are various activities to focus on (see points 3-10 below) in order to provide best-in-class experiences.

The Service Delivery Chain

CX is a cumulative result of each and every touch point, therefore, the impact of service on customers’ perceptions and experiences with a company must be evaluated through the complete service delivery chain – from service initiation to call centers to online portals all the way through to on-premise site delivery of service. To achieve service excellence and improved CX, service organizations must develop best-in-class business processes, create new and unique ways to interact with their customers and invest in service technology to optimize these touch points.

The following areas in the service delivery chain are critical for organizations to focus on to improve their CX:

  • Call Center Operations
  • Ease of Appointment Booking
  • Ease of Contact (Tech Assignments)
  • Technician Status and Location Notifications
  • Access to Customer Interaction and History
  • IoT and Connected Devices
  • Post Service Ratings


It’s imperative for service firms to consistently deliver unparalleled CX to retain customers, obtain positive referrals, attract new customers, and grow profitability. CX is a cumulative result of each and every customer touch point so service organizations must focus on maintaining or improving customer perceptions along the service delivery chain. The reality is that most customers – four out of five[4] are more likely to work with a business after receiving good service.

To read more about Service Delivery and Impact to the Customer Experience, download Jolt Consulting Group’s white paper here.

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