Managing Through Natural Disasters – Keys to Effectively Managing Field Service Response

It seems far too often today that news of some form of natural disaster is dominating the headlines.  Over the past year we’ve had fires in the southwestern part of the US, vicious tornadoes that wreaked devastation across the country, flooding in the Northeast and mid-sections of the country and of course the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan.  On top of that, we are now entering the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and NOAA is predicting an above average season with 12-18 named storms with 3-6 of those becoming major hurricanes. While disasters are an unfortunate way of life in the world, the performance of the field service organizations impacted by the disasters doesn’t have to add to the trauma.  This paper provides a blueprint for organizations with field workforces to consider when evaluating their overall disaster preparedness plans.  It evaluates the key stages of a disaster and provides pragmatic recommendations for service providers to follow.



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