Turn Your Vision into Reality – Four Keys to Achieving Your Strategic Vision

Achieving an organizational strategic vision is perhaps one of the most complex business challenges facing organizations today. Countless Harvard Business Reviews have been done that highlight the trials and tribulations of organizations in their quest to achieve a stated vision. Competitive, shareholder and marketplace pressures place inordinate amounts of stress on an organization and require it to make quicker informed decisions. All the rapid decisions and reacting to challenges makes it difficult to catch a breath and plan. As a result, executives find themselves making far too many tactical decisions and not spending nearly enough time providing strategic direction. As evidence, numerous management surveys indicate that nearly 85% of executives spend less than one hour per month on strategic planning, far too little to ensure attainment of a strategic vision. The paper examines the four key characteristics of world-class achievers and highlights why those traits are critical in realizing their vision. While not a magic bullet, the framework contained within the position paper puts services executives on the path to attaining their vision and at the same time helps focus their energy on those infrastructure weaknesses needing attention.

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