Unveiling the Jolt Consulting Group Service Performance Framework

Over the last several years most service organizations have made significant investments in CRM, field service software, and/or spare parts management and planning solutions. The principal reasons: to improve service efficiency, strengthen customer satisfaction, control service costs, increase service revenues, and boost service’s contribution to the corporate bottom line.  While some have seen significant advances, many service organizations are still struggling to thoroughly analyze and understand their performance. Without that in-depth understanding, it’s difficult, if not nearly impossible, to develop and execute plans for improvement.  In fact, four in ten service organizations report that the data they rely on to analyze and understand their service performance is poor, or average at best; only one in four say that data is very good(1). While many organizations have some notion of reporting and business intelligence, an accurate and complete Service Performance Framework is much broader and requires a more scientific approach focused specifically on service.  A true Service Performance Framework presents a strategic blueprint, which service organizations can use to create and sustain service excellence.

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