Technology Adoption & Training

Jolt Consulting Group supports the people most impacted by technology change, the end users.  Changes in technology can be disruptive as processes and tools are vastly different and many companies struggle to increase user adoption and earn the ROI from the project.


94% of companies met or exceeded their project objectives when a structured change management program is followed.

(Prosci 2016 Benchmarking Study of 1,120 organizations.)


Under 40% of CRM customers have end-user adoption rates above 90%.

(CSO Insights).


22% of all reported problems to successful CRM implementation were people-related or linked to user adoption.

(Forrester Research).

Change Jolt

Jolt Consulting Group change management services focus on the people side of technology.  When change is ignored or mismanaged, there are additional costs and risks such as active and passive resistance, morale declines, loss of valued employees, delays, and inefficiencies from rework. 


Knowledge Jolt

Jolt Consulting Group’s KnowledgeJoltSM provides a user adoption solution to support go-live for Salesforce projects with enhanced training and 1 on 1 employee coaching.